About Savage Investment Group

Savage Investment Group, LLC is a private investment company that invests in stocks, bonds, funds, and international and emerging markets. We generate current income through highly analyzed, extensively researched medium risk investments. SIG also generates capital through monthly contributions from its members. SIG is a registered Delaware Limited Liability Company, which provides the company with tax advantages, including no income tax and no tax on capital stock or assets.

Firm History

Savage Investment Group's philosophy is to invest in companies that have a durable competitive advantage in their industry sector. Our disciplined approach to research and decision making has sought to identify opportunities in all economic environments. SIG believes that the keys to a company's success are strong cash flows, a practical business model, and excellent fundamentals

Executive Officers

  • H. Charles Dixon President, CEO
  • Charles Brown Vice President
  • Xenio Yearwood Chief Information Officer
  • Oronde Baird Chief Operating Officer
  • Dorian Dixon Chief Financial Officer